What a lovely smile you have Oliver

Was that a smile; was that really a smile on Oliver’s face?

At the beginning of this month, Oliver’s beautiful smile returns back, everyone that knows him could not be more happier, it’s such a lovely smile to see, after 14 months of not smiling, now his smile has come back, all thank to getting rid of that medication called Keppra. We can’t get enough of all of his gorgeous smiles, every day he is smiling now.

But as life goes, when something goes right, as always something unfortunately goes wrong, Oliver’s breathing got bad and he ended up going back into hospital by ambulance. Oliver still seems to be going into hospital quite a lot. This certain trip into hospital was not very nice at all ,his breathing problems issued a Crash Team of 20 Nurses and Doctors around his bed, needles being poke into his skin left, right and centre, he was screaming and crying in pain, after that he was sent to PHDU for close monitoring.

“When he had chest infections from food before we were the first to be blamed. Not directly obviously, but the nurse at school would say, are we doing everything as we are supposed to? When you tell them the same situation happens at school, they don’t say much. Seems like they think they’re doing everything right, but it’s not the case” Michael Johnson.

To our surprise the very next day, he was as right as rain, as if nothing had happened, that was just so confusing to us as parents, of what just happened in the last 24 hours.

We had the ENT involved and the outcome was that it was not food related at all, it was to do with the acids in his stomach and his reflux he was having. With his poor swallow the reflux was then travelling to his mouth, back into his chest, causing him to have chest infections.

Oliver did have one of his dear visitors whist in hospital, Andy the Music Therapist came to see Oliver and sung songs to him; we love it when Andy comes to visit Oliver.

So this month we have been filling out forms, scanning forms, attending meetings and basically trying to keep as quiet as possible to the officials as we have been organising a Tribunal to get Oliver sent to Pace Centre School, as the school he is at now, we feel Oliver meeting Oliver is not meeting his full potential needs.

Oliver is still doing physiotherapy that was taught to us by Brainwave. Every day Oliver has physiotherapy at home and Oliver is getting really good at his walking.

Oliver had a lovely week at the Helen’s House (unfortunately Douglas House is closed now) Oliver had such a lovely time in the Sensory Garden and Sensory Room, he attended school, join in with the Music Therapy, Oliver loved the swimming pool. They have got so much equipment for use; Oliver enjoys Helen’s House a lot. But whilst staying at Helen’s House Oliver ended up going back into hospital with breathing difficulties again, hopefully this time it wasn’t long until he got back to himself and he was back at Helen’s House. 

But whilst staying at his Helen’s House Oliver ended up going back into hospital with breathing difficulties again but hopefully this time it wasn’t long until he got back to himself and he was back at Helen’s House enjoying the facilities there.

Also this month Bring Back Oliver Smile has really become more established, being in a local newspaper, now three celebrities are backing Bring Back Oliver Smile, please see campaign for further information campaign for further information.

We’ve noticed at the end of this month Oliver has started putting a lot of items in his mouth, just like what a baby dose to explore different textures, this is a really good sign that his brain is recovering, Oliver also enjoys going swimming, especially in this hot weather, getting into the nice cool water which he absolutely enjoys..

“Crying with happiness, we love you so much Olly, you have an amazing Dad and Mum who work so hard for you. Thank you @Samuel May he is such a strong willed little boy, improving so much surrounded by love.  Xxx “Great Grandma

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