What A Hot Hot Day

May 7, 2016

Oliver had a good night. He was awake a little this morning and went to sleep again; now watching CBBC.

We are going to take him out later to the park but going to get some sun screen first; don’t want him burning. His feeds are now connected to the chair so much easier to move around. He’s looks comfy and is going to sleep in the chair. Once Oliver is sunscreened up we will take him outside in his buggy. It’s going to be another hot day today

Oliver is sleeping a lot because for weeks he was so uncomfortable and up awake at night in a lot of pain, he needs to catch up on all his sleep now he is feeling a little better. When Oliver is awake he is in a good mood, talking a bit to himself and loves going to have his baths.

I have asked if they can do something about his excessive saliva cos it soaks the bed. So hopefully that can be sorted today. Ward is hot today but weirdly Oliver had a low temperature last night although once they closed the window his temperature went back up.

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