The seizures are creeping back.

Sep 16, 2016

Oliver has been a happy little lad but his seizures are creeping back into his life; he’s had a few seizures every day this week and the doctors have put his medication up to try and make the seizures calm down. They started off like daydreaming seizures but now he is shaking with his arms and legs straightening out. If he has one longer than 5 mins he will have to go into hospital again.

On a nicer matter, Oliver is still smiling and making the most of life. He likes going to special school and get a little ‘well done’ certificate every Friday.

They are reducing his medication for his body tone and stiffness as they feel he does not need to be on as much anymore, if this can be reduced slowly then he will hopefully be able to use more muscles in his body and he hopefully might be able to eat and walk or even stand; always hope for the best. Oliver has two more months at the Children’s Trust and hopefully we will see more improvements.

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