The Children’s Trust Tadworth

Aug 1, 2016

Oliver has now been at The Children’s Trust Tadworth Court for a week now and he has settled in really well. He has his own room which is decorated in Walt Disney Toy Story and Lightning McQueen cars. The staff are really nice; they have a higher level of care for him. His physio has started – they now have him on a standing frame, started sensory classes, working on his eye coordination on his partially blind eye and working with his hand coordination. He has had a couple of days where he’s been a bit tearful (but that was mainly at the beginning of the week) but most of his stay here he’s been very smiley. The occupational therapists think that he can see from his left eye but as to what he can see they are still unsure. He has two therapies a day at the new Cheyne Centre on site; they’re lovely grounds here – disability playground, water displays and today he is going ten pin bowling and they have a nature trail and a woodland Trail and activities at the weekend and bank holidays. Going out to different local places this place feels very comfortable. The staff work really well with me and Mike as his parents and really respect our wishes in Oliver’s welfare. There are two Doctors on site and they are very professional; it is a really good place for Oliver to be and will keep you updated on how his progress is.

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