Summer Holidays 2018

The start of summer holiday and Oliver is still working hard with his physio at home, is still smiling , we’re getting ready to go on a family holiday to Butlin’s which will be nice Oliver and Izzy can both go on the beach and go swimming, they have an amazing pool there which will be great.

After a week and it’s the beginning of the holiday at Butlin’s, it’s quite a long drive but the Oliver and Isabelle seem to be enjoying the journey, we are all going to the Butlin’s in Maidenhead which is quite big. When we eventually get to Butlin’s we found our accommodation which was small but very clean and tidy, we start exploring the holiday park which is very nice.

Oliver really loved the Funfair, the rides he on was fast, Oliver was smiling and absolutely loving the fast rides. He went on with Daddy as mummy was not strong enough to lift Oliver on the seat.

We went to see 3 shows whilst staying at Butlin’s, the first show we saw was the circus, the second show we saw was Teletubbies, and the last show we saw was Diversity, I must say Diversity was really really good and Oliver and Issabel will just glued to watching the chaps dancing on stage.

So when it came to the end of the holiday Oliver’s sister, Issabel went to stay at with the Grandparents as we started all of is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions for the first time. We had to take Oliver to Slough where there was two lovely ladies, Shemey and Debbie, who were both trained therapists for Oliver’s treatment. This was a 4 week course.

In the second week Oliver carried on with his Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions in the morning ay 9:30am, then in that 2nd week Oliver started his first week of intense physiotherapy at Footsteps Foundation in Dorchester starting at 2:30 for one hour, this was a 3 week course.

Oliver’s sister Isabelle has returned back from the grandparent’s house and they like playing together, Isabelle make sure that Oliver is comfortable.

Oliver’s Mummy this month finds her long-lost brother Warren finds out that she has a half-sister called Shelley they live in Florida; we are making plans to take Oliver and Isabelle there in 2020.

So it’s around the 18th of August, we decided to go and do a little bit of shopping in Didcot and we bump into some of Star Wars characters in town, so we decided to get a photograph taken as Oliver loves Star Wars that day we went and got some shoes, clothes and a couple of bits and bobs for the rest of summer.

Oliver has woken us up few times during night, so not much sleep. The majority of the summer holiday Oliver has not end up in hospital, but unfortunately around the 25th of August, Oliver did have to go back to hospital as he had bit of a high temperature, luckily no seizures but he did have very red cheeks, we thought it may have been slap cheek syndrome, It did turn out to be a stomach virus and we got very worried when we found out, it was a stomach virus that gave him his illness back in 2016, we always get extra anxious.

This summer kids got addicted to the song baby shark which absolutely got on Mummy’s nerves, But Daddy seem to ask Alexa to play it all the time.

Oliver had a lovely trip to the cinema with daddy to watch Incredibles 2 and he really enjoyed that.

Oliver has been getting more vocal and he has been starting to say the odd word since he started his Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy he said the words Daddy, Mummy, I’m here, Crazy Horses and Hello

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