Back to school for Oliver

Sep 13, 2017

Nearly time to go back to school for Oliver, after a hot summer, but just before Oliver goes back to school, we just wanted to fit in one more day outing to LEGOLAND, with Nana, Daddy, Grandma and Grandad. Mummy was unwell so she stayed at home with the puppy. It was a fun day but was very hot; Nana got us both new sunhats.

When Oliver returned back to school he starting getting lots of seizure and spasms and was in and out of hospital every other week, which is not fun at all, Oliver was having cannulas in my arms again which made him cry, Oliver is now getting more depressed because of the increased seizure medication, the medication has a side effects of depression, Oliver dose not really smile anymore.

Oliver is moving around more now; he can sit up on his own for longer and rolls across the room.

We did get a nasty shock when a van hit our disability car, with Oliver in the back. Oliver and Daddy got whiplash from it, not good.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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