Seizures and Chest Infections

So the beginning of March wasn’t very good weather, we couldn’t really go out allot and swimming had to be put on hold for a bit. Oliver also has a cold bedroom, which we are trying to battle to get warmer, windows and walls need replacing and fixing, but this is not being dealt with very well.

Oliver has been getting lots of tummy aches his poo hasn’t been very good, it’s been very unpredictable and loose. Oliver has had his standing frame adjusted and now he’s leaning into the standing frame, more than the standing frame supporting his back. Oliver is getting a bit more of a bond with his sister, Isabelle and she’s starting to help him, by cleaning his face with baby wipes, she is like a little carer for Oliver.

Oliver at the beginning of the month has been back in hospital again with another Chest Infection he was also being monitored because he has large tonsils. He was drained but he was still quite vocal and he didn’t like being handled, after a few days he started having some more tasters and he wasn’t coughing, he was starting to chill out a little bit more when he was in hospital. He had a throat swab done and he had his peg checked and changed because he needed a bigger peg, he had to stay in hospital overnight with Daddy to be monitored, he was put on antibiotics and nasal drops, it’s difficult to tell whether Oliver has Chest Infections or if it is his tonsils that are two enlarged that are causing him to cough, We found out later it’s could be a combination of both, Oliver was allowed to go back home.

In a couple of days he started to feel a bit better, but then he ends up back in hospital again with another seizure, We did not have to wait as long for Oliver to wake up from the medication, he was awake and more alert sooner, so it was more likely to be a seizure then a spasm, as they both look similar.

Oliver comes back home in time for Mother’s Day, In the middle of March we realise that Oliver has lost a tooth , we could not find it, I think he swallowed it, then out of the blue Oliver gets a lovely  video message from Olly Murs.

We went to visit one weekend a disability information day and we find out lots of information about holidays for Oliver and the family, but it was snowing so we couldn’t stay out for long as this might affect Oliver’s chest. Around the 17th of March Oliver loses his 2nd tooth I think it is the grinding that he’s doing, that he can’t help, as he can’t control it from the brain damage. That week we also had snow which made it difficult to go out and case Oliver had another chest infection

On the 20th of March Oliver was admitted into hospital again with breathing difficulties he was admitted around 7 o’clock in the evening. his chest infection has come back maybe this was caused by a small amount of food entering his large airways, but while he was in hospital they said this  SATs were good and he didn’t need a chest X-ray Oliver was sent home at 2am in the morning, he went straight to sleep in his own bed.

On the 24th Oliver was taken to the local doctors to be sent to hospital in the CDU (Children’s Clinical Decision Unit) to find out that Oliver’s left lung is still infected and he still had a Chest Infection they’re miming and erring  to keep Oliver on the same antibiotics he is on or to change them, and they’re waiting for a paediatric doctor to assess him, the paediatric doctor wants him to go on stronger medication and had to be monored for about six hours in the CDU, he was changed to the stronger medication. Oliver was drained and was sleeping a lot, lots of waiting was involved as Oliver was now being monitored overnight the Doctor keeps a close eye on him. The following morning they both had really good night’s sleep but Oliver was still sleeping in the morning, as having Brain Damage takes allot out of a child, The following day the paediatric  doctor was quite happy to send Oliver home but before going home they just wanted to send him to the ears nose and throat unit to check Oliver’s tonsils being very large, as this might also be causing a lot of coughing, An appointment was made for Oliver to return to the day unit outpatients to look at  his tonsils and possibly removed them.

Oliver settled ok for the last couple of days and he is back at school, his cough as seemed to slowly go and he has a clear chest, He has been at school for a few days now and hopefully will be healthy and well over the Easter Holidays.  We think that it is the cold weather making him have more Chest Infection and Oliver having a cold bedroom which is not helping him at night, we hope that the weather gets warmer and no more snow and that Oliver room gets his room fixed before next winter.

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