Places to go, Monkeys to see

Sep 5, 2016

Oliver has now been on the Melatonin medication for about 3 weeks now and it’s working really well, most nights he is asleep by 9pm, there is few nights he is still awake late but not as much as before.

Oliver had a nice summer holiday, it was not like the ones he had before, as he could not do much but at least he had one. He went bowling, did painting, went to the farm and the woods, went to London Zoo, had a new haircut and did some bits and bobs in the house.

This is his 1st week of special school and they are teaching him to use his hands to use the special computer for disabled children within the school room. He has also done some painting and singing.

Oliver is sitting up in his chair much better reaching out for things and is slowly improving. He has reached for books toys, mums hair, and he is very vocal at the moment with high pitched sounds. He says “finger” all the time we are trying to get him to say something else like nose, or elbow.

Oliver has now had his foot casts removed and can have baths soon; they have booked Oliver in for hydrotherapy in the warm pool on site.

Oliver had first session in the pool. He was so relaxed he fell asleep and didn’t do any work.

Oliver is getting better, all but slowly; we are still looking into taking him overseas later on when we have raised the amount needed.

We also are looking into taking him to classes called footsteps in Oxfordshire (costing £2000 for 3 weeks) to help work on his core as he still can’t hold his body up.

We will never stop finding ways to help him.

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