Picking up the Pace

At the beginning of March we went to see Sam and Cat, Sam is the founder of Bring Back Oliver’s Smile, We meet on a monthly basis.
We’ve also been updating the Swindon Advertiser with some of the latest events that we done lby Bring Back Oliver’s Smile.
We’ve also had an email from a lady called Rita who is hopefully going to get Oliver’s story in some of the National magazine, Take a break, Closer, Love it, Pick me up.
Oliver and Isabelle are getting on a lot better, even though Oliver hits Isabelle on a daily basis, he doesn’t mean to do this, due to the brain damage, but Isabelle is getting more patient every day. Oliver is enjoying his new chair which is called the tomato chair and we also had a payment donated from play to give. to help with any other equipment for Oliver. This month I have also been organising Oliver’s 7th birthday party for June this year, having a disabled child means everything always has to be planned months in advance. We had a very surprising message for Oliver and Bring Back Oliver’s Smile From Mr Keith Lemon himself, who is being followed our campaign , followed by other celebrities, this is for Oliver’s awareness month.
We’ve also been getting so much help from Matt & Moniqe Fiddes, and also Barry Britain and Miss GB 18/19 – Kobi-Jean Cole. At the end of the month Michael ( Oliver’s Dad) did another charity run for the Children’s hospital, where Oliver was in during his recovery of ANEC. Oliver is doing absolutely fantastic at his new school the Kingfisher Academy, one of the hardest battles we did last year was getting him into that school and now it’s all worth it. As for Oliver’s seizures, it is becoming very confusing. he’s starting to get different types of seizures which we are not sure if there seizures or spasms. They come and go when certain medications are reduced, stopping oliver movements to talk or walk, the seizures or spasms start to creep back in so we are having to juggle a little medication for him. it is very frustrating and confusion. But we keep going.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

B.O.B Fundraising is held in a Trust Fund Account prepared by legalmatters limited registered in England and Wales No. 08216822.

If you have any queries regarding Oliver's Trust fund please contact Legal Matters on 01243 216900 or email

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