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At the beginning of March, Oliver had started receiving his hospital appointments and this was the first time we got to say hello & thank you to the staff at the Ronald McDonnell House, who looked after the family when Oliver was in PICU. This was also the time that Oliver’s physiotherapy started at home, as he was soon to start school in April 2017.

Oliver starting a new hobby with Daddy which was swimming, even though Oliver could not swim he loves being in the water with Daddy, holding onto him and having a splash about. We are looking into getting a special swimming Ring Float so Oliver and freely float in the water.

Daddy has also started helping Oliver to stand and is starting to do lots of physio at home.

Later in the month, with spring was on its way, we all went to see the baby animals at Farmer Gows, the sounds and smells are very good sensory for Oliver, he seems to really like being around the animals. We also went to see the minions at the circus.

We went to the play parks, as the weather was really nice, Oliver loves being on the swing with Mummy, even though he keeps sliding off Mummy’s lap and Mummy having to pull him back up, it was a fantastic memory from a very lovely day.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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