Oliver got his new sensory room

Jun 13, 2017

This month was quite busy; Oliver was starting to go to a lot of places that Mummy and Daddy was organising, like Peapods Charity and Camp Mohawk. But one place that Oliver really loves going to is Helen and Douglas House. Oliver goes there for respite, Mummy, Daddy and Izzy love it there too, Mummy likes the food, lol. Oliver had a really good Birthday there with the family.

Daddy has been doing lots of physio with Oliver, helping Oliver to stand, which he finds difficult and sometimes he cries. But Daddy and Mummy do not give up and even Izzy helps with bringing Mummy and Daddy the syringes when Oliver needs his flush.

Oliver has a new nest swing which was donated earlier in the year from the charity called Greenfields Care and Support; he has been spending lots of time in the summer breeze swinging on it, in the garden.  Oliver got his new sensory room make over from Make a Wish and really loves his new room.

But even though Oliver has had some really good days this month he has also had some bad days too, and yet again he has ended up in hospital a few time this month with seizures, However Oliver has still had some fun times listening to Andy’s music, Andy helps a charity called Rosie’s Rainbow Fund.

Andy was there for Oliver on a weekly basis after PICU in Robin’s ward for the 5 month and he really makes Oliver happy and relaxed.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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