Mummy got Oliver a new puppy

Jul 13, 2017

This month Mummy got Oliver a new puppy, as he could not get a buddy dog from the Guide Dogs due to not enough funds. Instead we just got a puppy to hopefully train up to be a buddy dog. But he is already driving Mummy up the walls with all the barking. Oliver was invited on a day outing from The Guide Dogs charity and we had a lovely day at Paradise Zoo, we were even allowed to take the puppy, which was looked after on the day by the Guide Dogs team.

Summer time, It was really hot weather this year; we started off with a holiday to Centre Parcs, Longleat. We were there for a week with Mummy, Daddy, Izzy, Nana and the new puppy (Barley) and it was a bit crazy, everything went wrong and Mummy got upset.

Oliver also got a Buddy-pod so Izzy could ride along with him and make life easier for Mummy and Daddy, it works really well, the charity that fundraised and helped us get this item was Rosy (Respite nursing for Oxford shire’s Sick Youngsters).

Oliver got a massive bunch of balloons from SWAN charity; (Syndromes Without A Name) Oliver loves his balloons.

Oliver had an appointment for a 24 hour EEG, because he is having more seizure, mainly at school. But Oliver also has dystonia, so we need to find out what the seizure are and which a spasm is from the dystonia.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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