Its A New Year , A New Chance

So, we kick off January 2019 going to see Aladdin at the Hexagon in Reading with Pea Pods, we met Justin Fletcher, He came down to see Oliver from the stage in the show, then after the show we got to meet him at the stage doors. later, at the beginning of the month Oliver and Daddy went to stay at the Helen House, which was originally Helen and Douglas House but unfortunately, they lost Douglas House. He had a lovely time there it was very relaxing for him, they done swimming and played with lots of sensory items as they always do when they visit. Oliver is getting very clever with learning how to sit on his bum and pushing himself up onto his knees.

Back at home we had to extend Oliver’s sitting area as he is getting so quick at moving around on the floor, he does now have a tendency of hitting his head quite hard, so we have had to ask OT for him to have a head padded support protector which will take most of the impact away when he hits his head.

This year Oliver started his new school at the Kingfisher school in Abingdon, this is an academy and it is fantastic. Oliver is out of his chair more and seems to be improving a lot, and in the first week Oliver was star pupil, we are very happy that we got him in this school. He has a fantastic one to one called Amanda and he is so keen with her, they bonded straight away. We could not ask for a better one to one.

Obviously being after Christmas we haven’t taken him to many outings, but he has still been very very active life, he is now trying to crawl, he is not quite there yet, but when we took him to Brainwave they could see that he was trying to crawl. Brainwave has said he has improved a lot from 6 months ago, now they are working on his crawling position, we have been given new instruction in Oliver’s physiotherapy for him to do daily.

Oliver is still doing his H-box, two weeks off and two weeks on. We are getting help from Bring Back Oliver’s Smile to help pay for this therapy, this month they did a Bush Tucker Trial in Australia, where they had to eat five Revolting courses. They did it and they raised a whopping £620 to go towards Oliver H-bot treatment. Well Done Sam and Barry

Oliver’s standing and sitting is getting a lot stronger, his walking is getting stronger too with the help of Daddy, all Daddy must do now is hold his hips and Oliver will keep his back straight and move his legs forward. We have found that since he has been starting using the H-bot we have seen significant changes, and since he started going to his new school and to brainwave he is improving day by day. 

We want to find more therapies that will improve his life to his full potential is that something you could help us with.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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