It’s a Halloween Hoot

October 3rd, 2018

At the being of October, Oliver starts his week 2, HBOT at home this is the 2nd session he had so far with his home HBOT chamber, he does this with daddy as he never keeps still, plus need someone there if he has a seizure. 

We started looking into Fundraising T shirts for Bring Back Oliver Smile and Opportunely for Oliver. A  company called Tee funder dose this, this way we get donations for Oliver. 

Izzy and Oliver have been playing a lot together, now that Oliver can sit up for longer it is easier for Izzy to sit up with her brother and play.

Oliver is starting to get into the crawl position, we have notice this a few times now.

We took Oliver and his sister Izzy to the Circus, Oliver seemed to be less interested this time I think. But Izzy really enjoyed it, it was nice to get out. Oliver had his flu vaccine the day before, maybe that why he wasn’t so happy today. It was a special Circus for autistic and disabled, they even had a mobile disabled changing van, which was good.

Halloween is building up and Oliver is doing some arts and crafts at home and at school.

Oliver getting better with his walking, Daddy dose standing and walking every day and it’s really paying off, not only can Oliver sit up for a longer time now, but he is getting good with his standing and walking, you can for a few seconds let go and he will hold his position. Also, Oliver is becoming quite the talking, not saying words fully, but you can hear every now and then a word or two like Daddy, Nana, Grandad and even squirrel. Oliver is also becoming very active with his hitting so be careful he does not hit you on the head.  

A few hospitals appointments this month for Oliver has been done, to see the ENT Doctor and Doctor Martin Smith his Neuro Consultant.

Oliver when to the Halloween Circus just with Daddy, as his little sister Izzy was a bit unwell but the next day we all went out as a family to the Halloween event at Blenheim palace. But the week after Oliver gets a has a bad stomach was poorly for a week, trick or treating was cancelled

We got letter threw the post from Motability, we have been awarded enough for Oliver’s bigger car

And to finish this update of with some really great news Bring back Oliver smile raised 516.05 doing Tesco Bag packing in Swindon and a online auction that Totalled up to £480!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                  Two events raised £995 for Oliver therapies.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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