In The Snow

At the beginning of February, it snowed and Oliver and his sister Isabelle, enjoyed being the snow with Mummy, Daddy and the dog Barley.  

In January this year we asked Oliver’s Neuro Consultant if we could start decreasing Oliver’s Baclofen medication. It was agreed that this would be safe to do this for Oliver. We started decreasing his Baclofen as we were worried that this medication was one of the main reasons that his speech was so difficult for him, causing his movements around his facial and jaw area becoming a restriction. When the Baclofen was completely removed, Oliver started to do a lot more baby talk, Googles and Gallagher’s. A lovely improvement, from what he was like before on the Baclofen, with no talking at all.

Oliver started to smile again, (from waiting almost 14 months without any smiles) and it was wonderful he started to talk more which becoming more and more Googles and Gallagher’s, each day, but as things get good other areas get bad. 

Oliver seizure started to creep back in to his daily life, we’ve now had two increase one of his seizure medications called Epilim, this is now taking all of Oliver’s smiles away again, (so from waiting 14 months we only got a few smiles from Oliver, just for a couple of weeks until it disappeared again).

Oliver got his new chair from physiotherapy called the Tomato Chair which he can comfortably sit in, watch telly, have his tasters and Have a story read to him. 

Sam from #Bringbackoliversmile is planning a NEW Project Awareness Program, for Oliver’s condition on Facebook. 

Also, this month Oliver has started to lose a few teeth and he had a visit from the tooth fairy. 

Overall, it’s not been one of the best months for Oliver, but he has improved in some areas.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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