Happy Christmas Oliver and Isabelle and a happy better year

Jan 18, 2017

It’s been a busy Christmas and I have not had chance to update the fundraising page in December so sorry the updates have not happened as much 🙁

Oliver is doing very well, he is trying to sit up by himself, he is getting a stronger trunk, mainly to do with his brain recovery and also his Clonidine is being reduced very slowly making him stronger.

He has had a good Christmas even thought he could not eat Christmas Dinner, which was sad , He still had a good Christmas and New Year because he was home and around his family.

He saw Father Christmas twice with Thomas the tank engine and got lots of presents.

We are having a frustrating time at the moment with getting Oliver into school. In all the special need schools in Oxford, there is not even one space going and Oliver most days is at home.

As I don’t drive I can’t take Oliver out much and I can’t push a wheelchair and a buggy at the same time. I have to wait for carers to come and visit. We do not get many hours from the OCC care team a week so getting out and about is hard and Oliver is getting bored being at home all the time.

We just want Oliver to go to school so he can start making new friends and have more of a fulfilling day.

Oliver’s sister is doing okay and they are both starting to get a stronger bond now they are both at home.

The home is nearly sorted, just waiting for the ceiling track hoist to be put up in Oliver’s bedroom and wet room, which is taking forever! Another organisation that have two speeds, dead slow and STOP! As Oliver’s mother I will keep fighting Oliver’s corner as it is worth every email, phone call, and headache.

2017 will be a big year for Oliver; I plan to start more fundraising events, get his new website up and running, update his trust fund account, try to get Oliver’s story on the TV and get help in getting a new sensory room for Oliver.

The stem cell treatment reports are looking better and the outcome is looking good from their tests in London. Hopefully one day this might help Oliver get better, this is why we are fund-crowding for stem cell treatment for Oliver; basically a brain upgrade, so please share this site to as many people as you can and help little Oliver today.

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