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The beginning of June we announce that we were doing a 25k walk around Swindon to raise funds for Oliver therapies, a new campaign was started called #bringbackoliverssmile we also have a celebrity on board called Matt Fiddles he’s working alongside with Sam. So at the beginning of the month already this totalizer was £720 which was absolutely fantastic we made the decision that we were going to dress up as Toy Story characters on the walk

Oliver has been very sleepy due to the hot weather, we have had lots of visitors coming round at the weekend to see Oliver, we had Sam, Cat with the kids, Sarah and the kids round to see Oliver and Izzy most Sunday’s 

Sam is did an online auction raising £300 and planning the 2nd auction for July so far we had donated a brand new microwave from Sue Penny (Oliver’s grandmother) there has been lots of other donations given for the auction been lovely seeing lots of lots of donations from the family which is great because they say charity to start from home. 

We hope will reach hopefully be 20K by the end of the year. 

We finished the 25k walk on the 16th of June we walked for about 6 hours we didn’t stop we got lots of flyers and posters out around Swindon and we made an extra £53 whilst walking around it was a very tiring but successful day and we raised for Oliver 1300 pounds which is amazing we had a lovely photograph of the walkers with  Oliver at the end of the walk and had a lovely barbecue which Oliver had his barbecue pureed, unfortunately  towards leaving Oliver had a big spasm fits where everyone was really quite shocked and didn’t know what to do.

The following weekend we were getting ready to go to Brainwave this is one of the therapy that is not funded by the NHS that is what we also fundraising for. 

We were there for 2 days and 3 nights in Somerset and what we learnt a lot we even found a disabled sitting device so Oliver could sit up at the table with us, this would be an item we would want to fundraise for later 

The therapy was quite challenging for Oliver, we did get a few cries but this therapy is working really well for Oliver, we will keep doing this therapy which we will have to attached for check-up and update every 6 months, please look at the brainwave information page to find out more 

On the 12th of June 18 Oliver ended up in A&E again, he was taken there by ambulance because we were worried about his breathing, but it turns out that his breathing was ok. Oliver had had another spasm event which tends to make his breathing go funny, unfortunately the next day he was due to go onto a school trip to Cotswold animal park but the school said that he could not go because he had just come out of hospital, so we took him to the Farmer Gows farm where he feed the animals, he have a lovely day. 

A few days after we took in to Slough to find out about this hydrotherapy Chambers which is another treatment which could make him a lot better, this is more therapy that that we can’t get thought the NHS, please look at Oliver therapies page for more info 

Oliver when to the circus with his sister at Millet farm where we got him and new lightsabre toy.

We have been planting lots of flowers in Oliver’s new century garden we are just waiting for the finishing touches then we can open with the Sensory Garden with red ribbon announcement, inviting guests for an afternoon tea in the garden.

On the 19th of June Oliver end up in hospital again with another seizure, he was there for the day and he came back in the morning, Oliver has been finding this weather hot and challenging and he has been sleeping a lot through it but he is still very full of life and now that we have been weaning him off of Keppra (Seizure medication) and onto a new seizure  medication we have seen Oliver become a little more lively, he is more vocal and he is starting to smile a little bit more, but it’s not his full smile, we want to see that nice big cheeky smile, but we will just keep working at it till his smile come back.

Oliver’s birthday came up and we basically just done a very small party for him this year as he has been in and out of hospital and with the weather being hot we did not want to overload his senses.

We’re still working very hard on the brainwave therapy that was given to us in Somerset, Michael (Oliver’s Father) does this every day and Oliver is getting better at it as the days go by 

Oliver has got a new sleeping device and now his entire sleeping pattern is getting a lot better.

Please keep following and sharing and getting Oliver cause out there.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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