Oliver has been having more seizures

February 2018

AT the being of February, there was a Petition made from us to help other disabled children enjoy the local playgroup in their own community if you could sign we would be very great please visit at:-


Oliver has had more seizures at school this month; one happened a week before the school holidays, on Mummy’s Birthday☹.

Oliver had a 48 hour EEG booked in on the Monday, in the school Holidays. We did manage to record some of Oliver’s spasms, but no seizures were recorded, not that we know of anyway.

Oliver had a lovely day at Camp Mohawk in the holidays and he had a lovely time in the sensory room and music room, Oliver loves playing on the piano.

When Oliver returned back to school, he got a new wheelchair, as the one he had was getting to small for him. Mummy was not too happy that there was no storage at all and moan about that, but the wheelchair is nice and strong and it a good fit for Oliver.

On one of the weekends all the family when to Peapods and meet Dave Benson Phillips, we gave him a Thank You card, as he was very kind to us back in 2016, when we meet him at one of the children in Needs Day Events, Dave was very happy and said that Oliver is becoming a big boy and growing really up fast, what a great man Dave is, as he did a little show for the children with disabilities.

Oliver has been having more seizures which are making it hard to take him swimming, in case he has a seizure in the pool. With some luck we are hoping to get some clarification from the 48 hour EEG and we are still looking to get the swimming harness for Oliver.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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