Easter Time is Here

At the beginning of April Oliver got a lot of Easter eggs which we knew that he couldn’t eat them all, so we replaced them with something different. Oliver seemed to have a really nice Easter he had a more of a relaxing one this year, Oliver went with Daddy and his sister Izzy to see grandma and grandad in Southampton this Easter to have roast lamb and then the following week grandma and grandad came to see Oliver at his home, Oliver has had quite a few constipation problems this month and has been doing lots of big poos, Oliver has also ended up a few times in the hospital with seizures, His chest infection has now gone which is great.

At the beginning of this month Oliver also went to Helen and Douglas House, he done swimming and he played with the tiny chicks that were in an incubator they’re so the children could hold them as a little Easter treat.  Oliver is eating more now via mouth and he is doing really well with his eating while staying at Helen and Douglas House. Grumps and Nanny came to visit with Uncle Harvey and Great Grandad; Oliver played in the sensory room and had a really good time at Helen and Douglas House,

Also this month Oliver lost 3 teeth so he had £3 from the tooth fairy, Oliver and his sister Isabelle went to Southampton with Grandad and Grandma and they went to a Mad Hatter’s tea party and painted the Roses red, now that the sunshine is starting to come out more Oliver has been going out into the garden with his sister and enjoying the sunshine.

Unfortunately Oliver has still been in and out of hospital every week, Oliver has seizures and we can’t seem to get on top of them, Earlier on in the year Oliver had an EEG for 48 hours and the result came back the neurological consultant which was a rather puzzling outcome. When Oliver has spasms and seizures or spasms with seizures, it usually quite understands reading from an EEG saying which spasms are and which are seizures. But when Oliver has his episodes the back of his brain become so electrified and so busy it becomes difficulty to read the single on what going on in his brain his brain Sparks making the readings very confusing to say whether he is having a seizure or just a spasm or whether it is a combination of both, the good news is that Oliver is going to be removed from Keppra at a slow place and been given a new epileptic medication and this might help his depression go away.

Daddy has been doing a lot of physio with Oliver and we have been looking into the new therapies and treatments like the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy known as H Bot and other places like The Adeli Medical Cente Neurokinex Kids provides pioneering rehabilitation programmes for children living with paralysis. Their areas of specialisation include spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy (including post-SDR programmes), brain injury, and stroke. Liberator and Kids Physio Works and Cosmosuit Rehabilitation Institutebut 

Unfortunately we have had some sad news this month, we are trying to get Oliver to the Pace Centre in Aylesbury and we have asked for this action to be taken to panel with the SEN team. Unfortunately it has come back to us that the school he is at reaches and meets his needs so we will have to appeal against this action and go to tribunal, which is more stress and expense but we are the type of parents that don’t give up on our child and we would do what it takes to get Oliver to recover as much as he can.

This month we have some more fundraising done for Oliver and starting organising his sensory garden.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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