Bring Back Oliver’s Smile

Oliver started the month of May in hospital with another seizures, but after a couple of days he was fine, Oliver was allowed to go back home. 

Now that the weather is getting a lot nicer Oliver and his sister Isabelle got some new T-shirts, sun hats and sun cream so they can go out in the nice weather. 

Around the 7th of May we had a building company come to lay down the foundations for Oliver’s new sensory garden, this was a lovely donation for Oliver and they done a lovely job. We’re just now waiting for the rest of it to be done and hopefully this summer Oliver will have a beautiful Sensory Garden to enjoy, 

Oliver got a standing harness from the physiotherapist at school to use at home, this connects to the ceiling track hoist so he can stand in the harness and we can do different physio with Oliver. 

Later on in the month Oliver had another stay at the Helen and Douglas house. He stayed at Helen house, Oliver went in the Jacuzzi and had a really nice time, and it was a very relaxing visit, as always and is always nice to see Oliver so relaxed and happy. Unfortunately Helen House is the only house that’s now open as we had sad news this year that Douglas House has now closed down. 

This month we’ve had a fundraiser called Samuel May, Sam used to know Oliver before his illness. Sam has also informed Matt Fiddes About Oliver fundraising, Matt used to be Michael Jackson’s bodyguard so this would be amazing to have Matt helping Oliver.

The 13th of May we went to a day visit with Peapods, (a charity run my parents with disabled child). we went kayaking in Reading, we saw the ducks & geese and went on the boats, Oliver found is so relaxing he feel asleep, Oliver had some tastes which was pureed beef burger without the bun, which he really enjoyed, unfortunately that evening Oliver was whipped into A&E because his breathing went funny, Oliver had a chest infection. He was put on a big breathing machine, which had a mask that covered his whole face. Oliver really hated this mask and was always trying to pull it off. Oliver’s SATs were on the low side and this did not improve in the 24 hours so Oliver was taken from A&E to Paediatric High Dependency Unit and he was there for a few days, he was then taken to the Drayton Bell-House ward at the Children’s Hospital and stay there for a few days, while he was staying at the children’s hospital Andy came to visited Oliver, Andy is a music therapist who work for Rosie Rainbow trust, Andy played a lot of music to Oliver back in 2016 when Oliver was in hospital for months. It’s always so nice to see Andy as his music is so relaxing for Oliver. 

Oliver total time in hospital was for a week, We both attended a TAF (Team around family) meeting about this and unfortunately the information that was given in the discharge letter wrong, so we were accused for feeding him appropriately, but later on that week, when he was on a 10 day break from tasters, this happened again we realized that is was his saliva causing this problem, after a spams. This would cause more secretions and not giving him much indication or input to sallow, due to his brain damage, so unfortunately this happened again on Day 8 and he had to go back into hospital with breathing problems again, this time he did not have a chest infection and he was only a hospital for 48 hours until he was allowed to return home. 

When Oliver came home the first time unfortunately he could not visit his grandad birthday so we stayed at home, we done gardening and sowed some seeds, it was really nice of therapeutic for Oliver. 

Around the 26th of May we had a lovely visit from Sam May and Katrina Fletcher who is starting a big fundraising campaign on Facebook called #bringbackoliverssmile so far they have raised £1,500 and they just keep going and going and going, which is amazing to have these people on board, this will help Oliver get the private treatment he needs, that the NHS simply can’t afford to give him. 

Also a lovely lady from Didcot who would like to stay anonymous. has been in her spare time volunteering to do  Art Work of all the Toy Story characters in Oliver’s bedroom wall, she visits most Sundays and stays for a couple of hours drawing and painting to make Oliver’s room look really lovely. 

We’ve had lots and lots of people donating items for Oliver’s Sensory Garden that we’re getting built for Oliver for the summer and it is really starting to come together. 

Next month will be lot of fundraising preparations and we hope to get a lot more events happening this year. we have a few lined up already A kind church man that works in one of  the churches in Southampton (we will find out more about this later next month) He wants to do a big fundraising event , more events and auctions coming up from Sam May who is one of our new fundraisers.

On the 30th of May we finished the month of going to see the John Lawson Circus at Millets Farm.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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