Better Day From Yesterday

Apr 22, 2016

Oliver had such a better day today from yesterday. He was so unsettled yesterday because he can’t stop being sick and the nurses could not get Oliver to keep his medication down, then he became stiff and uncomfortable and was yelling for hours and hours; got worked up myself, found it so sad, I was sick too.

But today he was a lot better and so much more calmer. He has had another long feeding tube going down him that bypasses the stomach this is to try and stop the vomiting. He is due to have an operation very soon to have his Oesophageal Sphincter tightened as the doctors say he most likely has gastroesophageal reflux disease. They will also do an biopsy on him at the same time to do testing to find out what could have caused what’s happened to Oliver,

On another topic he is having a disabled car seat ordered and they are coming to see him to match the best seat for Oliver.

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