Back home, just in time for Christams

Dec 5, 2016

Sorry it been such a long time for an update, We have been very busy with Oliver’s return home.

We feel that Oliver has gone a bit downhill; not talking much at all now – from saying a few words to saying nothing but noises, which is really sad.

His dystonia has got worst, his damaged brain is just telling him to kick out all the time; the sooner we can get his stem cell treatment then hopefully is dystonia will calm down and he may be able to do a lot more in life.

He had to go into hospital because he had a seizure and his whole face went purple.

His swallow has got worse and he can’t have many tasters at the moment, so it just the peg feeding. So sad he can’t eat.

You can see that he is trying to be happy but with Christmas on the way he is sad as he can’t do all the crafts and activities he liked to do so much this time last year. This Christmas will be a sad one.

Please help Oliver to get his stem cell treatment so one day he will be able to get some of his life back.

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