Almost back to school

It’s the beginning of September; it doesn’t quite feel like September as the summer holidays have gone so fast.

Oliver is still doing his Footsteps Foundation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatment Isabelle is back from the Grandparents house and the two are playing a lot together. This month we also will be getting delivered of our new Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, all the way from the US State, Florida. This means that Oliver can use HBOT every day at home. This cost is £800 a month, the total cost of the Chamber is £15,000, this is one we will have to do lots of fundraising for.

Oliver sleeping pattern is actually getting worse in the nights now, he’s waking up at 3am every night, letting everyone in the house know that he is awake, being very vocal and keeping us both awake at night, we are both getting very tired in the day time.

I must say this whole entire summer holiday, we have not had any seizure or dystonic episodes at all. He’s only been in Hospital twice due to a high temperature which we had to get checked out, so we’ve hardly had any hospital visits at all this summer, which have been fantastic.

Both his Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) and Footsteps Foundation Therapy ends on the 7th of September, we had the weekend just to chill, on 11th of September Oliver started school again.

The first week of school was really good, Oliver did not end up in hospital, the second week of school was kind of good, Oliver nearly went into hospital, As we roll into the third week of school, Yep back into hospital again, because he had a cough for 6 minutes, we’ve had to keep Oliver off school for the rest of the week, as daddy had a foot operation and did not want to chance Oliver going back into hospital again.

We have the dates now for Tribunal, we are at present appealing for Oliver to go to Pace Centre, The Tribunal is in December, so not long now. Hopefully Oliver can start a new chapter of his life at Pace School in the New Year, Everyone keep their fingers crossed for Oliver.

There’s only a few more weeks left in this month, we are already starting to prepare for Halloween, it’s going to be a busy month for the little ones, in October. Lot of places to visit for the spooky season.

Isabelle and Oliver are getting a nice little Bond together. They are playing together a lot, but also doing a bit of squabbling too, typical Brother and Sister.

This month we have both started doing T-shirts, Bring Back Oliver Smile is doing the Green T-shirts Click here and Opportunities for Oliver is doing the Blue T-shirt Click here, whichever one you will go to Oliver cause, check out the T-shirts

Oliver was Star of the week for being the most vocalists in the class and saying Hello to the teacher, she was very delighted to hear Oliver saying Hello. Oliver has only started saying words since using the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Also this mouth we have started our 2nd campaign, Opportunities for Oliver, where we have new collection pots for the cause please see our Facebook page at…  Click here 

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