A new place to get used to

Aug 12, 2016

Oliver has had a good settle down in the last week

Today Oliver has met the firemen, police men and the paramedics but he was so very sleepy.

I will be getting photos soon. Photos can only be taken by staff here; this is for the protection of the children here at The Children’s Trust if it is a group event.

They did a feeding assessment see if Oliver can swallow but unfortunately he could not swallow this time so they’re going to try it on smells and tastes swab assessment and work it up to spoon feed therapy.

The children and staff here have had a message from Justin Fletcher today, we are trying so very hard to get Justin to come a visit the children here.

New medication started last night his Melatonin medication; this is a hormone sleeping medication to help him sleep. Most nights he is awake till about 11ish this is because his brain stem has been damaged. Last night he fell asleep at 8:30, I was very happy that he got a good night sleep he has not had one for such a long time.

Anyways tomorrow is a new day 🙂

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