A blasts from the past, A tear in his eye

Jul 5, 2016

Well Oliver just started crying when I put daddy finger song on YouTube. A cuddle was so much needed. It’s because he remembers what he used to be able to do and can’t do now; he is getting flash backs – it’s not very nice to see.

What he can’t do today he might be able to do soon. If he had no memory that would be sad too.

Because of his age hopefully new areas of his brain will rebuild and compensate for the parts that are damaged. He has come a long way since this first happened. Still a long road ahead but now there is hope. Oliver is an amazing little boy; he is blessed and he is a fighter. This is where we have to be patient – it’s only four months since this happened and years more recovery. He has done wonders in a short time. He is going to surprise everyone and he will show doctors that miracles do happen. He just needs the time and the help.

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