A Firework of Fundraising

November 3rd

At the beginning of November, another fundraising event recently finished for Bring Back Oliver Smile totalling up to £610 for Oliver’s treatment and therapies. We also had Emma Worthington from Hampshire Police doing a bike ride with her co-workers, this was on the 17th Nov and they raised just over £200.

On the first weekend of November was another fundraising event at Swindon Wildcats, At an Ice Hockey events where we raised £265.13. The next day, on the Sunday we all went as a family to Legoland. Oliver and Isabelle had a really good time on the rides and the weather was lovely.

We went to see Oliver’s Neurological Consultant to get permission to start lowering Oliver’s Baclofen, which is a muscle relaxant for spasms, it can also reduce speech, hopefully by reducing Oliver medication, he will hopefully start talking again. 

The 17th of November we all went to Matt Fiddes Martial Arts UK Championships where we eventually got to meet Matt and his family, especially his little boy Hero, who also suffered a seizure in 2017, we had a lovely photograph taken, which Matt kindly paid for and signed at the end of the day, a few little videos of Oliver and Matt too. Oliver gets a lovely message from a little boy called Charlie, who met Oliver at the Matt Fiddes Championships. Charlie wants to buy a present to make Oliver Smile again. We all thought it was such a kind gesture. Oliver’s present from Charlie and Oliver was really pleased, he loves a little Light Up Balls and Teddy.

This month Oliver starts to do some bum shuffling across the floor, which is another new thing that he’s started doing since using the H-Bot treatment. Oliver is moving around by himself, his trunk and core is getting a lot stronger and he is sitting up now 10 to 20 minutes a time by himself, keeping his head up nice and tall, looking around and using both hands to grab items. 

Oliver seems to see things from further away now, which indicates that his sight is getting better, and his coordination seems to be more switched on too. 

The 13th of November Oliver gets to try out a special walker, to see if he is ready to walk by himself. Turns out that he’s not quite ready for it yet, he just can’t seem to move his legs with the frame by himself. However, Oliver’s walking with the help of Daddy is getting so much better now, Oliver’s hitting is getting very good as well and he hits everyone one.

Another event on the 26th of November organized by Bring Back Oliver’s Smile, A bag packing event at Tesco’s, Swindon. With two characters Batman and Super girl helping the event, we raised around £450 on the day, also on the same day the painter that is doing a Toy Story wall painting, painted more on Oliver’s bedroom wall, we come back to a lovely surprise, it’s nearly done now.

We want to say a big thank you to Charlie and Donna for being so kind to Oliver, A big thank you to Sam May, who’s the founder of Bring Back Oliver’s Smile. Sam and is team are raising lots of funds for all Oliver’s treatment, it is rolling up to be around £4.300, which is amazing, also like to thanks Matt Fiddes and his family for backing Bring Back Oliver’s Smile next month is December we are going to get all Christmassy put the decorations up do lots of arts and crafts and go to lots of festive places.

Oliver’s Helpful Buddies

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